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What Happens After - Portia Moore

What Happens After

Author Portia Moore

  • Published: 2015-11-30
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 71 Customers Review
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He was forbidden. 

I knew it. 

He was never mine to have. 

He belonged to someone else. 

His heart wasn't free to give. 

Still I craved him. 

I begged him for it. 

His love was addictive. 

Our time was never enough. 

He shattered my world like I’d shattered everyone else’s. 

It was all fun and games before. 

I didn't think about what would happen after.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Gwen

    From Sun sex
    This story was gut wrenching, Gwen is one strong woman cause I don't think I could do what she did in the last chapter. I loved the reality of this story well written. Brilliant 10 plus read it one sitting. Thanks MJD
  • Amazing

    From pink1doll
    This whole series is one of the best series I have read! Keeps you interested from start to finish! Definitely worth the read! Two thumbs up Portia Moore
  • If I Break - entire series

    From Angel Singh
    I am a mother of three young children. Lets just say sleep is a luxury i rarely get. These books made it harder i cant seem to "put the book down" (im using iBook)
  • OMG

    From 20Su
    Such a great story ....
  • OMG

    From Gen.des
    ...I don't know what too say. Multiple times, my heart was beating so fast. This book will make you feel so much emotions. It's been a long time since a simple book could do this to me. Totally worth it!
  • Great book

    From Plouffe002
    What a great story. A must read with kleenex.
  • Wow

    From Aleja425
    Amazing book. Great characters you could totally feel and sympathize with. Love the ending