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Exercise and Physiology - Tai Kao-Sowa & Edward Zhou

Exercise and Physiology

Author Tai Kao-Sowa & Edward Zhou

  • Published: 2015-02-23
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors


This book is a collaboration to provide a head start for the beginner and warn them of pitfalls and roads to take in an attempt to shorten the trial and error process that the beginner typically goes through when developing interest in exercise. A combination of a scientific approach and a collection of past experiences, this book will provide the beginner information on all things exercise and physiology.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Just a suggestion...

    From ELLIMVC
    I was about 20 pages into this and out of curiosity, searched up the words "her", "she", "girl" and "female". Only to find that not once are any of these words mentioned in the 61 pages that make up this reading. (In the context of providing specific advice to women) As a (female) powerlifting novice, I found the information I have read thus far to be extremely helpful, but I think it would be beneficial to also include the physiological differences between males and females, since I know this plays an important role in the limitations of those who want to improve their physical health.