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The Oh She Glows Cookbook - Angela Liddon

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

Author Angela Liddon

  • Published: 2014-03-04
  • Category: Methods
4.5 Stars
From 11 Customers Review
Price: $16.99


The long-awaited debut cookbook from one of the most popular vegan food bloggers on the web
After a decade of struggling with an eating disorder and subsisting on diet, low-calorie processed foods, Angela Liddon vowed to get healthy once and for all. Done with feeling sick and tired, she threw out her fat-free butter spray and frozen dinners. Instead, Angela embraced whole foods that made her glow from the inside out. But first, she had to learn to cook—and eat—right.

Five years ago, Angela started a blog,, to spread the word about her journey to health and the powerful transformation that food can make in our lives. Almost overnight, her energy and authenticity attracted readers eager to create their own positive life changes. Today, Oh She Glows attracts millions of visitors every month, making it one of the most popular vegan recipe blogs on the Internet.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook is packed with more than 100 delicious recipes such as go-to breakfasts, protein-packed snacks, hearty entrées, and decadent desserts. From entrées like the Crowd-Pleasing Tex Mex Casserole and Empowered Noodle Bowl to sweet treats like the Chilled Chocolate Espresso Torte with Hazelnut Crust and Angela’s famous Glo Bakery Glo Bars, there is something for everyone. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is also allergy-friendly, with many gluten-free and soy-free options.

Whether you are a vegan or you simply want to incorporate a few vegan meals into your week, Angela's recipes are a must-have for anyone who longs to eat well, feel great, and simply glow! 

Top Customer Reviews

  • App and Thank You

    From 4th try and counting
    I purchased the App and it works very well. Thank you to the reviewer who wrote the reviews about not being able to access the digital version every time the publisher republishes the book. You should not have to repurchase ever! iBooks and publisher: that is terrible. Is no one from your company monitoring these comments?
  • Can't access purchased book

    From JRose79
    I also have the same problem as the previous reviewer. I own this book in both hard copy and I purchased the book to have on my phone to access at the grocery store but can no longer access it. I have to purchase it a third time?? No thank you. Very disappointed.
  • Problem with the publishing

    From spininaround
    We purchased this book, which is really good (highlgy reccomend it), and 6 months later cannot access it. The publisher pulled the earlier version from the store and posted a new version that we have to buy again. Apple won’t make the earlier version available and the publisher only has this new version for purchase. Nothing major seems to have even changed between the two. What gives!