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20 Free Tax Secrets For Canadians - Allan Madan

20 Free Tax Secrets For Canadians

Author Allan Madan

  • Published: 2014-11-03
  • Category: Business & Personal Finance
2.5 Stars
From 88 Customers Review
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Are you a Canadian who is tired of paying way too much money on your taxes? Do you want stop overpaying and start using your money for yourself? In my book “20 Free Tax Secrets for Canadians,” I provide you with tax saving secrets that I have learned through my years as a professional accountant and tax expert. This book is targeted for businesses, investors, and the hard-working everyday Canadian. My tax tips will provide you with different strategies on various topics including: TFSAs, RRSPs, Capital gains, incorporating your business, claiming home business deductions and much, much more!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Needs work

    From Terry314
    This book needs a lot of work...seems like it was put together last minute..nothing more then general knowledge.
  • something wrong with the formatting

    From 69Lamborghini
    I like some of it but not enought explanation and the formating. love to help with the design if you like. cheers, goos start
  • No content

    From Rumbledog
    There are three tips in this book and 17 blank pages. Those 3 tips are hard to read due to bad formatting. Glad it's free but it still feels like a rip off.
  • Cra

    From Chanty2468
    Horrible. Barely any info. Unless the book didn't download properly
  • Waste of time

    From AVotto
    I wish I could give this no stars. A waste of my time. It was mostly blank pages
  • Really quite terrible

    From Bhar2
    Not sure how this even made it ointo the iBooks Store, it’s filled with images that make little sense. The text doesn’t render accurately, and much of the advise is anecdotal examples. I can see why it’s free...
  • 20 free tax tips for canadians

    From Nioford
    Dont bother. Wste of free time
  • 20 free tax secrets for Canadians

    From Edge00001
    Many blank section, nothing valuable in the book. Not sure if the book transferred properly.