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DNS Self-treatment - Alena Kobesova, Katerina Mikova & Pavel Kolar

DNS Self-treatment

Author Alena Kobesova, Katerina Mikova & Pavel Kolar

  • Published: 2014-05-29
  • Category: Medical
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Booklet for Patients.
This booklet serves as a guide of basic principles of trunk stabilization and individual exercise positions for self-treatment according to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). The DNS concept will help you train optimal trunk stabilization and muscle coordination, which is a fundamental aspect in rehabilitation of any musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. During rehabilitation or any athletic activities, proper trunk stabilization is the first step in prevention of overloading and protection of body during movement activities. Exercising in DNS positions allows for an ideal trunk stabilization with permanent analgesic effect.
Please download this booklet and view a sequence of photographs of DNS self-treatment positions with easy to understand instructions.

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  • Nul

    From Johnycash $$$
    Manque beaucoup d'informations
  • Very Nice

    From Pfft ya ya COME ON!
    This is a great little resource! I was introduced to DNS at a workshop with Charlie Weingroff and the 6mth old supine position helped to reset my low back! I like that there is a section on common mistakes so you make sure you're doing everything properly