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English Essentials: Writing - Alfred Siha

English Essentials: Writing

Author Alfred Siha

  • Published: 2017-10-11
  • Category: Writing


Welcome to English Essentials: Writing, the official iBooks Textbook to the successful iTunes U complete course “English Essentials: Writing”! 

This iBooks Textbook can stand on its own, but it is best paired with either an in-person writing course or the iTunes U. This iBooks Textbook will cover important college-level areas of writing such as purpose and audience, the writing process, introductions and thesis statements, and the different forms of the English language. It also includes common academic essay assignments such as narrative, comparison, research, and argument. 

Chapters on creative ways of representing knowledge (featuring real student examples), and easy to follow, easy to understand grammar rules and common errors will conclude this iBooks Textbook.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Disappointed

    From Lmtio
    I looked at this textbook with a view to using it, or parts of it, in my Senior High School English classes. Some parts of the book seem extremely useful; however, the existence of a number of typos and grammar errors, particularly and ironically in the "Grammar" chapter of the book, was very disappointing. Given the iBook format of the book, I cannot easily annotate the errors for my students, and so I will not be suggesting that we purchase a set for my classes.