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The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook - Salinas Press

The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook

Author Salinas Press

  • Published: 2014-03-07
  • Category: Methods


Enjoy classic Mediterranean cookbook recipes straight from your slow cooker with The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook.
This delectable Mediterranean cookbook gives you over 100 simple and filling meals packed with the fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains and heart-healthy fats traditional to Greece, Italy, and Spain. By making Mediterranean cookbook recipes in your slow cooker, you will not only save time in the kitchen, but you will also create savory and wholesome meals fit for the whole family. This handy Mediterranean cookbook will show you how to easily create healthy slow cooker meals, even on a busy weeknight.
Let The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook add delicious Mediterranean cookbook recipes to your menu, with:
101 Easy Mediterranean Recipes designed for the convenience of your slow cooker Flavor Profiles of 5 different regions from the editors of the Mediterranean Cookbook Helpful Tips on how to stock your pantry for successful slow cooker meals Recipes in this Mediterranean cookbook include: Mediterranean Beef Stew, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Chocolate Hazelnut Bread Pudding, and much more!
With simple recipes and flavorful ingredients, The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook will bring savory, Mediterranean flavors to your plate--and extra time to your day.

Top Customer Reviews

  • No photos

    From ds3d
    The book does not show dish photos! Also the instructions are sometimes confusing.