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Finding Me - Michelle Knight & Michelle Burford

Finding Me

Author Michelle Knight & Michelle Burford

  • Published: 2014-05-06
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Stars
From 209 Customers Review
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“The day I disappeared in 2002, not many people even seemed to notice. I was twenty-one, a young mom who stopped at a Family Dollar store one afternoon to ask for directions. For the next eleven years I was locked away in hell. That’s the part of my story you may already know. There’s a whole lot more that you don’t.” —from Finding Me

Michelle Knight, the first of three women abducted by notorious Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro, recounts the full story of her years in captivity, her escape, and the powerful inner strength and capacity for hope that has helped her rebuild her life.

Michelle was a young single mother fighting for custody of her young son when she was kidnapped on August 21, 2002, by a local school bus driver named Ariel Castro. For more than a decade afterward, she endured unimaginable torture at the hands of her abductor. In 2003 Amanda Berry joined her in captivity, followed by Gina DeJesus in 2004. Their escape on May 6, 2013, made headlines around the world.

In Finding Me, Michelle reveals the heartbreaking details of her story, including the thoughts and prayers that helped her find courage to endure unimaginable circumstances and now build a life worth living. By sharing both her past and her efforts to create a future, Michelle becomes a voice for the voiceless and a powerful symbol of hope for the thousands of children and young adults who go missing every year.

Now with additional material describing her second year of freedom

Top Customer Reviews

  • Finding Me

    From Cherie Lynn
    Omg this book broke my heart-Michelle, you are my hero.Even though we've never met, I'm your friend in spirit always.God bless you.
  • So sad

    From mama2fourboys!
    My heart breaks for her. As a mother....God bless her. Heal her heart like only You can. I wish I could hug you Michelle :( Mama2fourboys
  • Finding me

    From Hooowdyyyyyy
    A very good book hard to read at times proud that you have over come the nightmare. Your a super stare in your ability to look toward getting free most people would have given up and I feel the other two girls got there strength from you. Keep loving growing and helping all those who struggle with there own monsters
  • Incredible

    From B. Maduck
    This is a book about 'Incredible Strength'! Michelle has unselfishly offered courage, time and energy for the benefit of many other people. Thank you Michelle for the gift to all who seek healing and happiness!
  • Finding me

    From One toothed
    This book will tear at your heart but in the end will show you the true meaning of hope. Michelle you are a remarkable young lady and I wish you well in your future endeavours.
  • Thank you

    From Gricel Cornejo
    Thank you for sharing your traumatic experience and healing journey,
  • So inspiring

    From Hellyeah69
    My heart goes out to you and the others, you are so strong! I hope you have a wonderful life and get to open your restaurant and be very successful! Your are an inspiration and remind us to live our lives to the fullest each and every day:)
  • Finding Me

    From Tasarina
    Michelle Knight is such a strong, incredible woman. This is her story and I hope she found healing in writing it. It is well written without all the graphic, gory details of her abuse. There are some details but most do not go into detail. I believe she has a very bright future ahead of her. All three girls I hope God blesses each and every one of you!
  • Make

    From Velxt
    I just want to hug you Michelle, just feel my arms around you, loving you for your courage and tenderness. I wish I could take away your nightmares. You are the butterfly now, fly higher then the fluffiest clouds. Yours truly, julie
  • Hero

    From Carmen. D Paquette
    What an Amazing woman you are.I've watched you on Dr.Phil.Such courage,such strength & so full of love.After all the horror you've endured & suffered.You are a ray of sunshine.Bravo to you.I just finished reading your book & I don't know what to say.What an inspiration you are.You are incredible,a survivor not a victim & a winner in a terrible war.My prayers are with you always.I want all that is good in the world for you.When you see your Joey & I believe it will happen.Walk tall.He will be very proud to call you "mom". Love you. Carmen Paquette from Canada. XOX😉