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Adventure-Pom! - Sean Dryden & Jerry Seguin


Author Sean Dryden & Jerry Seguin

  • Published: 2013-08-30
  • Category: Children's Fiction


Adventure-Pom! brings kids on the fun filled adventure's of Captain Henry Gingersnaps. Together they will search beaches, parks and trails for the Pals Henry needs to face the Cranky Kitties.

This lovable Pomeranian and his new Dog Pal buddies will capture your heart and imagination with fluff tail p**f! Engaging dialog and wonderfully detailed photography helps bring this journey alive, and parents may just find their inner pom voice as they read along with the kids.

"Unique use of photography, dogs (and cats!) and story telling earns this new children's book a rating of... 5 P**f Tails Wagging!" -Redheather Book Review