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I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai & Christina Lamb

I Am Malala

Author Malala Yousafzai & Christina Lamb

  • Published: 2013-10-08
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Stars
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As seen on Netflix with David Letterman
"I come from a country that was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday."

When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education.

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, when she was fifteen, she almost paid the ultimate price. She was shot in the head at point-blank range while riding the bus home from school, and few expected her to survive.

Instead, Malala's miraculous recovery has taken her on an extraordinary journey from a remote valley in northern Pakistan to the halls of the United Nations in New York. At sixteen, she became a global symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I AM MALALA is the remarkable tale of a family uprooted by global terrorism, of the fight for girls' education, of a father who, himself a school owner, championed and encouraged his daughter to write and attend school, and of brave parents who have a fierce love for their daughter in a society that prizes sons.

I AM MALALA will make you believe in the power of one person's voice to inspire change in the world.

Top Customer Reviews

  • I am Malala

    From snoopy pup 1000
    Great book she is so brave. 👍🏻
  • Amazing!!!

    From MalalaFan
    This book is amazing. Ever since I have read this book, I have changed my view on the world. Because of that, this is my all-time favourite book.
  • Everyone should read

    From Eoyo
    Very informative. It's hard to believe in this day in age there are still people living in fear for just wanting an education!
  • An True Inspiration!

    From catchingfire4456
    As a lover of fiction and escaping from the real world, I never expected a non-fiction book, let alone a memoir, would be a book that I would enjoy - let alone love. I never imagined myself to even be interested in reading a non-fiction book, but this one really opened my eyes to the world of non-fiction, and that reading about the real world wasn't as dreadful as I thought it would be. This book, in fact, became one of my top five as one of the most inspirational I've ever read. I had heard about Malala back in 2012, like the rest of the world did, on the day she was shot by the Taliban. I have since seen her speak at a UN conference, and appear on talk shows multiple times with words of astounding wisdom. I became very fascinated by her and what she was standing for, and all I can say is that this book did not only answer all of my questions - it became an absolute inspiration and life lesson. I will never look at her the same way as before after reading her story. It opened up my eyes to a whole other world and changed the way I saw mine, and saw myself. I have also become far more appreciative of the rights I am given, whereas several others are denied theirs everyday. I learned that opening up my eyes to the real world can be just as thought provoking and inspiring as seeing a story play out in a fictional story, a symbol for something. I will continue tone inspired by this wise and wonderful young woman, and I will never forget how this book has changed me.
  • Malala

    From Bubbanana
    Enjoyed the book,I bought it immediately to show my admiration for her courage to stand up for the right to go to school.I am impressed with her fathers commitment as well.I just know that she will be successful at anything she pursues. I wish her and family a great life. G.M.
  • I Am Malala

    From Josieshaun
    This is a wonderfully rich and moving story about a young girl who is now known worldwide as an advocate for peace and education for every girl and every boy. Malala has become the hero she is today, in part, for one very simple reason - because her father told her she could be anything she wanted, despite her country's refusal of education under Taliban rule. With the love and support of family, Malala believed in herself and had such confidence in her convictions that even being shot by the Taliban could not deter her from spreading her message of hope for women and children's rights. Think of the countless other Malalas there would be in this world with the love and support of a father in a patriarchal society. This is a wonderfully written story of courage and conviction in some of Pakistani society's darkest days.
  • Great book

    From BestDeal
    Must read!
  • Inspirational! A Must Read

    From laroc52
    This book is candid and frank about her desire and dream that all children go to school and that education is the key to solving the world's problems. She is right. Her message applies everywhere. She describes her life under the various disasters of Taliban rule, earthquake, flooding, being a refugee and finally living under the threat of murder. She believes in a ironi way that the Taliban actually helped her to make the education of everyone especially girls a cause celebre.