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Bates Motel On A&E: Jiao's Story - A&E

Bates Motel On A&E: Jiao's Story

Author A&E

  • Published: 2013-03-30
  • Category: Graphic Novels
4 Stars
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In A&E’s Bates Motel airing Mondays @ 10/9c, Norman Bates discovers a sketchbook hidden underneath the carpeting in one of the rooms at the Bates Motel. Inside he finds Chinese writing and manga sketches, immediately becoming captivated by the drawings. Norman, along with his classmate and friend Emma Decody, begin to dig deeper into the story behind the sketches and stumble upon a bigger mystery than either of them could have imagined. As the season unfolds, more characters from the manga are introduced and more secrets exposed; this book is the story of one of those characters.
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Story by
Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin and Cory Bird & Gregg Nations
Art by
Emma Vieceli

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Top Customer Reviews

  • Bates Motel

    From tiredmarm
  • Great

    From Cdawg1794
    Great book it is easy to read and very cool
  • My review

    From Swimmer0917:)
    Hello. I thought that the story was very strong and heart warming but the fact that there were two swears in the story does not satisfy me. Thanks!
  • Not bad... But

    From Sweeeety363
    I thought it would have been like the tv show but its just the intro and nothing more... And just helps to understand who were the sex slaves and what the have become. Im kind of dissapointed.. My expectations were way too high on this book. I did like the originality of the pages though
  • That's it?

    From Carly.mama
    Wasn't bad but was way too short for my liking!
  • Meh at best

    From Masamonae
    Meh at best. Wasn't nearly as stimulating as what I expected. The end was heavily rushed and for a book based on a book/movie, it's not even remotely racy.
  • journal

    From Tamii-k
    This journal thing is so cool !! I love it it pretty short but I'm obsessed with the show so it makes perfect for a obsessed bates motel fan like me ! it's so cool how the pictures were drawn and to tap the writing so you could read. What she was saying !
  • Wow

    From mybluedog24
    It really exists... I just hope I won't be a psycho like Norman after reading it...
  • Jaios diary

    From Bates notebook
    If you are a bates motel fan than this will bring back memories from the episode where Norma kills the cowboy rapist. It's helpful
  • The words

    From DeziC
    The book would be even better in English plus more