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High Dynamic Range Photography - Steve Huskisson

High Dynamic Range Photography

Author Steve Huskisson

  • Published: 2012-12-14
  • Category: Photography
4 Stars
From 22 Customers Review
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High Dynamic Range Photography by Steve Huskisson shows images captured by Steve in South Florida. Using multiple exposures or bracketed shots, Steve combines the images to make truly magnificent photos.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Most beauty in simplicity

    From Thesaint 671
    Thanks for sharing those treasures of yours!
  • HDR a great medium

    From Butch # 1
    I liked this book very much it makes me want To try my hand at HDR and look in to how It is done any one can take a picture not Every one can make art out of a print.
  • Great Shots!

    From 1st Coun
    Loved the book! Would love to learn more about how he does it.