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101 Beauty Tips - Elodie Baunard

101 Beauty Tips

Author Elodie Baunard

  • Published: 2012-11-10
  • Category: Health & Fitness
3.5 Stars
From 100 Customers Review
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Discover the amazing effectiveness of everyday products for your beauty care. Thanks to these natural remedies you will get the most out of these products with the minimum of expense.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Yo

    From Aminadem
    Really nice
  • Handy

    From Offttffrd
    This book is very handy but I would be looking on a page about lets say deodorant and then i flip the page and there's something like it VERY similar....
  • Hmm

    From Gdgwh
    Had some good tips but at least ! 75% were using lemons lol
  • Great book

    From Darlene girl
    Fun to read