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Interactive EnglishSmart 5 - Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd.

Interactive EnglishSmart 5

Author Popular Book Company (Canada) Ltd.

  • Published: 2012-10-30
  • Category: Education
3 Stars
From 8 Customers Review
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Interactive EnglishSmart comprising 10 units, is built on the core content of our ever-popular EnglishSmart series.  It offers students a much more engaging and instantaneous learning experience, with systematic and carefully-structured practice in reading and listening comprehension, grammar, and usage.  Concise explanations and guidance are provided whenever needed.  Through the interactive and multi-media activities as well as immediate feedback, students are able to develop their language skills with confidence.

Top Customer Reviews

  • All Learners!

    From Monica Whatley
    As a teacher and homeschool mother of four, I was eager to try this new iBook from Popular Books. Having several types of learners in my own home, I was happy to see that this series appeals to all of them! My verbal learner loves hearing the audio story and questions. My kinaesthetic son loves the hands-on approach. The excellent graphics ensure my visual learner remembers the key concepts. I highly recommend this interactive multi-media resource to parents who are proactive about their child's education and to teachers wanting each of their students to succeed!