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Silence - Natasha Preston


Author Natasha Preston

  • Published: 2012-10-19
  • Category: Romance
4.5 Stars
From 2,106 Customers Review
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For eleven years, Oakley Farrell has been silent. At the age of five, she stopped talking,and no one seems to know why. Refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, Oakley remains in her own little world.
Bullied at school, she has just one friend, Cole Benson. Cole stands by her refusing to believe that she is not perfect the way she is. Over the years, they have developed their own version of a normal friendship. However, will it still work as they start to grow even closer?
When Oakley is forced to face someone from her past, can she hold her secret in any longer?

*Silence deals with a sensitive topic and is recommended for 16+

Top Customer Reviews

  • Silence

    From Eliza Amy
    Very predictable and typical ending
  • I love this book ❤️❤️

    From emily.jward1
    A tear jerker for sure
  • Incredible

    From MissSweetHart
    This whole series is jaw-dropping. You will be taken on these ups and downs with characters who were rooted in reality. Keep a tissue box ready because you will shed more tears than Niagra Falls. This story contains sensitive matter and makes you feel truly disgusted and sick to your stomach when you learn Oakley’s past. 5 stars is not enough to describe my love for this bold piece of literature! Side note: It seems self edited as there are a couple grammatical/spelling errors. Otherwise flawless.
  • Left Me Wanting More!

    From kenxxz
    I absoultely loved this book! I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I was shocking! I could not put this book down! When it ended I wanted more! So I found Silence Broken (book 2) and omg same thing! I want more! This serious is brilliant.
  • Wow

    From This app is complete trash
    That was the most amazing book I had ever read, from the moment I finished the first chapter I didn't put it down until I finished. The love between Cole and Oakley made my heart melt so much and the ending made me tear up, that was amazing and I am without a doubt continuing reading this series. (There are quite a few spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes though ^-^)
  • Soooo good

    From Becca_name
  • Amazing

    From Avril lavigne rules
    Best book on here, I would Definitely suggest reading it!
  • Perfect

    From Mel050505
    This book is amazing, I finished it in about two days time ! It's a good read but there is a cliffhanger at the ending leading up to you finding out in the second book once you BUY it. That's was the one thing I wish I had known before I started reading the first book. Overall I did enjoy both books and would recommend it to others !

    From Kay889900
    This book is amazing I love the way the story is written. Everything about it is great there is just soo much emotion I got lost in the story I usually hate reading but this book was different it made me want to keep reading and find out what happen.
  • Best book I have ever read!

    From Poose1
    This book is amazing! I usually don't like reading. But I finished this book in 2 days. It's UNBELIEVABLE AND SO SO SO SAD. HAVE TISSUES!