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The Yellow Cab of the Universe - Eduardo Galvani

The Yellow Cab of the Universe

Author Eduardo Galvani

  • Published: 2012-10-23
  • Category: Astronomy
3.5 Stars
From 21 Customers Review
Price: $9.99


Join a vintage Yellow Cab for a highly original and engaging tour of your Solar System! The Yellow Cab Of The Universe (YCU) is one of the first digital books to fully leverage the power of iBooks Author to push the boundaries of what a digital book can be. You’ll see right away that YCU was designed for the iPad right from the start:

Pick up your iPad and use its built-in gyroscope to look around the Martian landscape as if you were looking out from the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Zoom in to see parts of the landscape more clearly, and tilt your iPad up and down as if you were controlling Opportunity’s cameras.

Thrill to the dramatic animated chronicle of the recent Curiosity rover landing on Mars, nicknamed "Seven Minutes of Terror", or blast off from Earth to visit the Hubble Telescope.

Memorably experience the eight major steps involved in the formation of our Solar System that took place over the first ten million years, compressed into under a minute--and then see if you can make your own Solar System by recreating the steps in the right order in an inventive widget.

Understanding the Solar System we live in is both fundamental and fascinating! The best way to see what we are talking about is to download the book or book sample to experience for yourself!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Yellow Cab of the Universe

    From Cosmic Cab
    Great looking APP but not for age group of my children. I previewed this on my iPad but now can't get out of it. Help I'm caught in a cosmic cab, can't get out & the fare is climbing. Some body stop this so I can read the other iBooks in my library.
  • Mars Panoramic page

    From 16thnotes
    I think the Mars panoramic page might be my favourite of the book so far. I love watching people's facial expression when they first see it.