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The Geometries - Michel Janos

The Geometries

Author Michel Janos

  • Published: 2012-10-15
  • Category: Geometry


Men were always looking for the best geometry that represents the physical world.
Most people do not realize that about a century and a half a revolution happened in geometry whose impact can be considered equivalent to the impact of the Theory of Evolution of Species Darwin in biology.
Unfortunately this revolution does not seem to be being passed to students who continue to study almost exclusively the Euclidean geometry. It is as if the high school students had still not been informed about the evolution of species.
In this book I present different types of geometries that are now part of the culture of a scientifically well informed person. Among them are: The non-Euclidian geometries, Transformations, Topology, Fractal Geometry and many others.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Very Complete

    From jendrian
    I haven't gotten through to the end, but insofar it's been a pretty good book. At times I felt the explanations were not so clear that I could move on quickly to the next ideas, but after a while everything makes sense. All in all, it is what I was looking for: a book with some advanced geometry for me to study.