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The Red Pole of Macau - Ian Hamilton

The Red Pole of Macau

Author Ian Hamilton

  • Published: 2012-08-08
  • Category: Women Sleuths
4 Stars
From 579 Customers Review
Price: $10.99


The “cool and stylish heroine kicks it up a notch” (Terry Fallis, author of Best Laid Plans), in the gripping fourth installment of Ian Hamilton’s Ava Lee Series.

In The Red Pole of Macau, Ava’s half-brother Michael is desperate to pull out of a multi-million-dollar real estate deal in the territory of Macau. The developers are threatening to halt construction unless Michael and his business partner put up another $80 million; the bank is looking for repayment on their loan; and her father is prepared to sell everything to protect his first-born son.

When Ava enlists Uncle for help, she discovers his health is failing and is forced to turn to a former client, the cunning and seductive May Ling Wong. As Ava follows the money trail, she finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into Hong Kong’s dark and deadly world of organized crime.

Will Ava protect her family’s future? Or will this job lead to a violent end . . .

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Red Poles of Macau

    From CaroleAnnMarie
    Very good read, the story was well developed. Didn't drag on yet wasn't too fast paced. Good suspense and clean movie. I had to read it all once I began. The book caught my attention right from the first page. Now I want to read the other books in the series.
  • Amazing

    From Ryan Vega Ahadi
    This is what I want! A book full of action and drama!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the next!!
  • Captivated

    From All sports nut
    To my surprise I was hook by the end of the first chapter, I have not read a complete book in 30 years. As each page turned I was drawn deeper in to the character and the story around her. I found wanting to be apart of the story. At times the character Ava was sensitive and caring, but still cool and concise with her objective. The story was an adventure in the unknown of a culture that is never talked about, that is what draws you in looking for the adventure, suspense of the dark side of the underworld . I am I now destined to read the other editions of the Ava Lee family of novels. I want to thank Mr. Hamilton for bringing the written word back to my life.
  • Excellent read

    From Irenebisby
    Excellent read. Flowed well, great storey. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.
  • The Red Pole do Macau

    From catlin775
    This was the first book of Ian Hamilton's that I have read and I couldn't put it down!! Loved it and will read the first three ASAP!!!
  • Keep them coming

    From Sophiecdog
    I am absolutely besotted with Ava Lee, the forensic accountant protagonist of these books. This is the fourth in the series, which I have read in order. It does help to read them in order. Important it's of backstory could be lost otherwise. I must say I am grateful that Mr. Hamilton seems to have let go of his obsessive use of the word "panties". In this book he uses it only a couple of times, for which I am grateful. Nothing wrong with the word but it unnecessarily eroticizes moments where the word "underwear" would be far more contextually appropriate. Minor gripes aside, Ava is the Chinese Canadian Lisbeth from the Stieg Larsson books. She's smart, tough, super intelligent, fearless, methodical, fierce and contemplative. Simply fabulous! I just downloaded the recently published fifth in the series. I hope Mr. Hamilton has sufficient creative plot lines to keep them coming. He and Louise Penny are my favorite Canadian literary mystery writers. Bravo!
  • Excellent

    From Meiwa1717
    This book was very exciting, thrilling, and eventful!
  • Reo

    From Leomapvaanom
    Great novel!!
  • Great Read!

    From KidJo17
    This was a real page turner for me...I really liked the character Eva Lee and will be purchasing the other three books. Thanks iTunes for the Xmas gift.
  • Great book!

    From Paigeparker
    Got this book for free on ebooks as one of the 12 days of Christmas giveaways. Normally I'm more of a romance novel reader but I really really enjoyed this book. I liked learning about Hong Kong and Macau and the Chinese culture. Once I started reading I didn't want to put it down! I will definitely be getting Ian Hamilton's other books! Love the Eva Lee character!