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Stretches - Diyako Sheikh Mohammadi


Author Diyako Sheikh Mohammadi

  • Published: 2012-07-25
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors
4 Stars
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Very useful book about different types of stretches and their definition. 

There is plenty of examples and movement for single muscles and  muscle groups from head to toe including:
- Neck
- Glide
- Deltoid
- Shoulders
- Shoulder Blades
- Triceps
- Biceps
- Wrist
- Chest
- Abdominals
- Upper and lower Back
- Hip
- Buttocks
- Quads
- Hamstring
- Adductor
- Calf
- ankle

all the movements are with picture and they are very easy to follow. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great routine of stretches.

    From Lalycet
    I have Parkinson's and this is a nice rounded series of stretches to get me moving each morning!