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The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Published: 2012-07-11
  • Category: Classics
4 Stars
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One of the greatest novels of the early 20th's century, The Great Gatsby tells the story of the extremely wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love of the gorgeous Daisy Buchanan, a love that eventually pulls him apart.

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Top Customer Reviews

  • Je {[ galBZet ta e)

    From vagVabh !/
    Je ne t wiVT F Why. ???ETqa I-) Wyo ?"-
  • all time fav

    From mrsmiawallace_______
    I have paper copies, but was grateful I found old faithful in the free section ❤ nothing more eloquent was ever written. the beautiful and the damned is a great one as well, for anyone who loves gatsby.
  • Great G

    From Sargent.k.m.99
    Great book
  • Bad edition

    From En ville
    Counted 30 mistakes so far (spelling, punctuation).
  • The Great Gatsby

    From Linda.Myna
    The Great Gatsby was written so eloquently that not only the political side of the roaring '20s is portrayed, but the tragic romance is captured so beautifully within the time. I will be definitely purchasing the hardcover as this read is one for the collection. Simply timeless.
  • Refreshing!

    From Bennnn1187654
    Great read. Old morals that are so important yet vanished over the American greed and lifestyle.
  • Ehh

    From wfqgheehkcwef
    Unexciting and boring book about privileged white people who can't seem to deal with their social problems wow.
  • Awesome

    From Gghjdnggjn
    I have only seen the movie but if the book is anything like it it's terrific😊
  • Touched

    From BoldaciousMiss
    Deppressing and Heart warming at the same time. I reccomend reading it! Everyone, young and old.
  • A New-Found Favourite!

    From ShelleBelle26
    Beautiful, romantic, captivating and tragic! Watched the movie and decided I NEEDED to read the book. Attention to detail and visualization is on point. I absolutely loved this novel and I will read it again and again. I also love how the movie used DiCaprio as Gatsby... Picturing Gatsby in the story is that much more enjoyable now ;)