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Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier - Dani Olivier

Anthology of Nude Photography by Dani Olivier

Author Dani Olivier

  • Published: 2012-06-06
  • Category: Photography
3.5 Stars
From 564 Customers Review
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The body of work featured in this book are genuine photographs. They have been neither doctored up nor altered. They are in fact the actual prints of the image captured by the objective.
Dani Olivier's creates his effects at the time of the shoots, by projecting complex images and intricate light patterns on his models. He never touches up the originals.
The models are nude. They do not wear enhancing accessories. Their makeup is minimal.
The pictures are taken with a black background. There are no artifacts : Just the models and the light projections. The projections are either abstract or figurative. The final composition is always surreal.
Mr Olivier's unique style is introduced for the first time in this body of work. His abstract and psychedelic nudes are his exclusive creations.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Light Eye Canady

    From Mancavepad
    This is just a basic soft look at nudity. It gives small examples of erotic vouyeuristic views of photograph. Good for the beginner in nude photography if you are just starting out.
  • Very basic

    From TFin05
    Minimal lighting technique utilized for almost every image. After the first two or three the style becomes redundant. Author needs a photo editor.
  • Simple creating something Explosively Interesting!

    From Tobi lysyk
    I am a body painter and have always been fascinated by the ability of using the human body as an incredible canvas. The photographer has done just that and then added movement. Every photo had me wanting to see more.
  • Awesome

    From Chotabhai
    Though this projection technic is not new but the photographer used very unique patterns and shapes to create these stunning images. Great job.
  • Very inspiring

    From rukkus
    Very inspiring. Great photography.
  • M

    From C8550
  • Félicitations

    From Claude Cheaib
    Bravo. Très beau travail
  • A

    From Ace7919
    Loved this book!
  • Very nice

    From Teeman65
    This is most impressive. Very well done,beautiful work. This is art!
  • Beautiful

    From Dani476