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What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast - Laura Vanderkam

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Author Laura Vanderkam

  • Published: 2012-06-12
  • Category: Management & Leadership
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Mornings are a madcap time for many of us. We wake up in a haze—often after hitting snooze a few times. Then we rush around to get ready and out the door so we can officially start the day. Before we know it, hours have slipped by without us accomplishing anything beyond downing a cup of coffee, dashing off a few emails, and dishing with our coworkers around the water cooler. By the time the workday wraps up, we’re so exhausted and defeated that any motivation to accomplish something in the evening has vanished.

But according to time management expert Laura Vanderkam, mornings hold the key to taking control of our schedules. If we use them wisely, we can build habits that will allow us to lead happier, more productive lives.

Drawing on real-life anecdotes and scientific research that shows why the early hours of the day are so important, Vanderkam reveals how successful people use mornings to help them accomplish things that are often impossible to take care of later in the day. While many of us are still in bed, these folks are scoring daily victories to improve their health, careers, and personal lives without sacrificing their sanity. For instance, former PepsiCo chairman and CEO Steve Reinemund would rise at 5:00 a.m., run four miles, pray, and eat breakfast with his family before heading to work to run a Fortune 500 company.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast is a fun, practical guide that will inspire you to rethink your morning routine and jump-start your life before the day has even begun.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Easy Read

    From PrairieWindfall
    Easy content to read. Would benefit from more "to do"'s and less "maybe" and "try"'s. Minimal new info. Efficient list of ideas to think about.
  • Worth the money?

    From MrKHanYay
    It's short, but the book is also cheap. The way I see it is, I can put my money on a $2 game app, or I can invest $2 on a book that can potentially change how I live my life for the better. Either way, good read.
  • Quick and thought provoking

    From cactusxyz
    Easy to read in one sitting. I finished feeling motivated and excited to reexamine and make changes to my daily routines