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Chinese Words Learning Book for Kids Enhanced Edition - Cute BB Learning & Animashi

Chinese Words Learning Book for Kids Enhanced Edition

Author Cute BB Learning & Animashi

  • Published: 2012-06-03
  • Category: Words & Language
5 Stars
From 8 Customers Review
Price: Free


An excellent tool for kids to learn Chinese vocabularies in a fun and easy way.

Using colourful drawings to illustrate most popular Chinese words which are commonly used in daily life. The vocabularies are grouped into different categories for ease of learning, for example, Numbers, Body, People, Nature World, Animals, Objects, Places, etc. Kids can also follow the interactive media to learn how to read and write effectively. There are Mandarin (with Pinyin) and Cantonese available for kids to learn both pronunciations. The stroke diagram illustrates proper sequence of strokes to write traditional Chinese character. (A simplified Chinese version will be available later) The book is written in English and Chinese therefore kids can learn two languages concurrently. In addition, kids can enhance their memories by going through the review section.

There are five volumes in this book series with four different levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced and professional which cover more than 400 frequently used words. We will keep expanding the vocabulary list as requested by readers.

This first volume has 26 elementary level characters for your kids to learn the basic foundation of Chinese words. TRY IT NOW.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Recommended

    From SYEsther
    I tried this free edition before purchasing the full version. Attractive drawings, clear pronunciation in mandarin and cantonese and easy to follow stroke writing video make this an unique learning book. The full volumes contain more vocabularies. Worth the money. Highly recommended.
  • Highly Recommended!

    From Carlieflower
    Luv it! An interactive and very interesting book for children learning Chinese. Highly recommended for parents who want their children to learn Chinese! Have both volume already! Hope the next one will be available soon!
  • Great Book

    From Liz1010lllll
    This book is really useful and cute. It also has exercise and practise allowing kids to learn Chinese easily. Its making learning fun.
  • Excellent Book

    From Orion_squall
    A very useful book. Nice interface, simple to use, attractive drawing. Highly recommended!
  • Very interesting

    From AbcDada
    My two year old loves it. He followed the strokes to write on the screen and listened to the pronunciation to speak. He learned a few Chinese words in one day. This book is definitely useful. Good job.
  • Great book!

    From ESALboy
    This is a great book for children who want to learn Chinese words. The animated character plus the stroke sequence is an amazing tool for kids to learn how to write Chinese characters easily. My son loves to watch the video over and over again. Pronunciation is very clear. It's a good idea to have both mandarin and cantonese in one package. The drawings are fun and attractive too. Excellent presentation. Can't wait for the other books to download. Must try.