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Decisions - Jim Treliving


Author Jim Treliving

  • Published: 2012-09-04
  • Category: Business & Personal Finance
4.5 Stars
From 69 Customers Review
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Co-owner of Boston Pizza and star of CBC-TV’s Dragons’ Den, Jim Treliving reveals the secrets of his success, taking you behind the scenes at critical points in the building of his businesses—which also include Mr. Lube and interests in real estate and sports franchising. Covering the “big” decisions—from what to do with your life to how to source capital, find partners, handle change and inspire growth—Treliving sets out the tools for making effective choices and explains why every decision requires action. He also discusses how to bounce back from those no-so-good decisions, explaining how to refocus and recalibrate, just as Treliving had to do when he realized that Boston Pizza’s expansion into Asia was causing the company to drift off-brand. Pulling back from Asian opportunities was a tough decision at the time, but the move became crucial to guiding successful BP expansions later on. Always candid, Treliving also shares his insights on some very public choices, ones you may have seen him make on The Big Decision or Dragons’ Den.

Down to earth, sensible and filled with vision and humour, Decisions is a book for budding entrepreneurs and for those who want the inside business stories beyond what we see on TV. But it’s also for people who want to transform their companies into ones that create steady wealth and lasting success. Even if you’re not in business, Treliving’s inspiring story and astute advice will help you make wiser decisions in your life and move forward with confidence in your chosen field.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Inspirational

    From Bayobertino
    It is worth reading it. It is always good to read of people that is good at something and learn something from their stories and success.
  • Great read

    From Nikiaf
    Jim knows what he's talking about when it comes to business and this comes across very well in his book. You can learn a lot from his life lessons and be a better person from it. This book does have some typos scattered throughout, which I wouldn't expect from a book like this, but I still would definitely recommend it.
  • What a book!

    From BestRealtorinBC
    A great Canadian story with a lot of inspiring lessons.
  • Decisions

    From Ezbeekeeper
    I really enjoyed the book and felt it was a good investment of my time and money. I probably would not have read it but Jim was filming on our bee farm a couple of weeks ago and I found him really likeable. He was easy to speak with and his head seemed like it was screwed on really well. He wasn't and snob or in a hurry to leave, so I figured he would be worth reading about. My high school aged son, is struggling with what career path to take and which schools to apply to. Jim has really practical advice for people in that position. I am looking for a new adventure and endeavour, and I found some valuable insights from Jim's life experience. It will save me some future mistakes and grief. So go ahead read the book you'll gain something, if not an itch to try out your local Boston pizza to see if the franchise is as good as Jim says.
  • Only book I read cover to cover.

    From Johncmcgrath
    I enjoyed every page of decisions by Jim Triliving. The best decision I have made yet. Great insight in to the entrepreneurs life experiences.