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Private Treatment for Anxiety or Depression - Hugh Macnab

Private Treatment for Anxiety or Depression

Author Hugh Macnab

  • Published: 2012-01-05
  • Category: Health, Mind & Body
3.5 Stars
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Hugh Macnab is a psychotherapist who is working in rural cheshire, england and has a personal mission to help as many people as possible recover from anxiety or depression. the normal methods hugh uses so effectively in private practice have been adapted for delivery by video and are available in a carefully planned series of five sessions over six weeks. each of the first four sessions will consist of an explanatory video followed by a treatment video - this is real treatment, not self help instructions. the final session will introduce you to an emotional health check whcih is designed to help you focus on the issues in your life which are most important to your emotional recovery. there is no advertising, no selling and no sponsorship of any kind associated with this website. it is a purely personal contribution to society and designed to help as many people as possible. the website is

Top Customer Reviews

  • Eye Opener

    From Terina-Lyn
    I really enjoyed this book, really made me think about lots! Now to look up the websites and put it all into place.
  • The cover of the book is stolen

    From FakeStorm
    The cover of the book is stolen from a comic strip by "Cyanide & Happiness". Not cool.
  • Everyone needs to read this

    From Hello normal life
    such a great and easy to read!. English is not my native language but this book I finished in 2 hours. Author is a genius
  • Interesting

    From Jewelzw
    I'll watch the u tube clips that were referenced just because the whole concept seems interesting. I think self help can happen without being drugged. I feel drugs stay depression as it hampers ability to think and plan clearly. The scenarios are useable and stirs an interest to help yourself and gives hope for a "quick fix". Lives are busy and who has "time" to heal.