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Lifecode: Mission 01 - The Aevolutionaries, Part 1 - Peter Garand & Dale Darling

Lifecode: Mission 01 - The Aevolutionaries, Part 1

Author Peter Garand & Dale Darling

  • Published: 2011-12-31
  • Category: Graphic Novels
4 Stars
From 25 Customers Review
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Alastor’s Reprieve is the initial installment of The Aevolutionaries, the first mission in the Lifecode series. Lifecode is the first graphic novel produced entirely on the iPad. 

Story by Peter Garand, Art by Dale Darling 

Alastor Blayne lives peacefully on Enfer C, serving a life sentence on the hellish prison planet for crimes he can’t recall. His life changes forever when, while reading quietly at a café overlooking smouldering glass volcanoes, he is attacked by a trio of ruthless assassins. 

He is rapidly drawn into the world of the Lifecode, the force which governs the delicate balance of power amongst the Human Races of the 28th century. Inexplicably selected to command a bioengineering survey crew known as the Aevolutionaries, he is drawn into a war that will decide the fate of all humankind, while also unlocking secrets about his mysterious past.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Amazing Graphic Novel

    From Christopher Moore
    This is an outstanding introductory effort in the sci-fi genre by an exceptionally talented artist and writer. I look forward to future works in the life code missions. The raw and unfiltered nature of the artwork is fabulous and complements the story perfectly. More please!!! (Only criticism is that I'm not fond of the double page layout that is used for picture books/graphic novels and wish the interface was the same as a novel)
  • Worst story

    From Djamsam
    Ok...the graphics are good but that's it! The story is boring & the style of writing is dreadful. The premise of the book could be very fascinating, if the style of writing was vastly improved.
  • Alister rocks

    From Toonrush
    I've never been so enthralled a visual orgy such as this! Great work guys ... We need more though. Keep it coming!
  • Great artwork.

    From mfsharpe
    Let's see part two!
  • A must read for graphic novel lovers!!

    From Morph1300
    I stumbled across this while waiting in the airport to pass time. Having been a graphic novel collector for years I was amazed with the story and artwork. Well done!! Looking forward to the next installment.
  • love it

    From rdavid25
    This is one stylish graphic novel! Sci-fi is not typically my preferred genre, but the cover drew me in, the story intrigued me and the art work is just mad cool. I look forward to part two.
  • Awesome art work

    From Ron Neve-Bar
    Well done!
  • Very cool...

    From williamclay
    Great artwork and story. A must-read for science fiction lovers. Can't wait for the next issue!