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Biology - Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D. & Joseph S. Levine, Ph.D.


Author Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D. & Joseph S. Levine, Ph.D.

  • Published: 2012-01-19
  • Category: Biology
3.5 Stars
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Biology sets the standard for clear, accessible writing and content that engages every student at every learning level. A new focus on the Big Ideas of biology sets the stage for active inquiry and participation. In addition, there is built-in reading support that helps students master concepts. Biology has visual and interactive overviews of complex processes, which aid understanding, add realism and interest, and provide students with a visual link to the narrative. Students read, see, and ultimately understand the fundamentals of biology.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Exceptional value and utility

    From Storn
    Exceptional resource. It is beautifully constructed in a way that artfully scaffolds key concepts for secondary school students. Concise and comprehensive. It includes wonderful minilabs and assessment for learning questions. I also love how Pearson includes essential and guiding questions and highlights answers to these questions (literally) throughout the text. Instead of sections, Pearson uses Lessons as an metaphorical organizing theme within chapters. This organizational approach makes the text eminently useful as a resource for educators planning units.
  • Special Ed teacher

    From Bgsgrssevds
    I have only looked at the sample. I really like the embedded vocabulary and the quick feedback of the quizzes. However, for students with literacy issues it would be nice to be able to highlight text and use the Speak function of iBooks.