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Smoothies for Good Health - Marie Roy

Smoothies for Good Health

Author Marie Roy

  • Published: 2010-07-21
  • Category: Diet & Nutrition
3.5 Stars
From 347 Customers Review
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I’ve put together 20 recipes for Smoothies that I think can help achieve the goal of staying healthy. Maintaining over all health can help the mind become more creative where we can start as well as successfully finish whatever goals we set for ourselves. I hope you enjoy these Smoothies!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Yum

    From PSW 2011
    Love all the drinks in this book
  • Very Good

    From Gamegirl87
    I very much enjoyed this book and it gave me great and healthy ideas and alternatives to the smoothies I usually have. I didn't even realize that all these combinations could have great benefits!
  • Good

    From Sullybaby2244
    It's really helpful!
  • Great!!!!!!!

    From Katelyn1710
    But try to add my recipes please it would be great!!!!!!
  • Peu original

    From Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Suggestions de base sans plus
  • Good recipes but no pictures?

    From jendrian
    The recipes seem pretty good and we'll definitely try lots of them but the book itself seems like a pretty simple copy paste from word; no pictures, no videos, no multimedia content a all... Just words on how to prepare the stuff