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Neither Here Nor There - Bill Bryson

Neither Here Nor There

Author Bill Bryson

  • Published: 1997-08-04
  • Category: Travel & Adventure


Bryson brings his unique brand of humour to travel writing as he shoulders his backpack, keeps a tight hold on his wallet and heads for Europe.  Travelling with Stephen Katz--also his wonderful sidekick in A Walk in the Woods--he wanders from Hammerfest in the far north, to Istanbul on the cusp of Asia.  As he makes his way round this incredibly varied continent, he retraces his travels as a student twenty years before with caustic hilarity.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great Expectations

    From Scuba Sally
    Bill Bryson certainly has a way with words; I was laughing at his turn of phrase while describing and comparing the differences between his earlier Grand Tour of Europe and the changes he found when the old places were revisited. Few of the countries he visited lived up to his memory of them, and he lamented those changes that occurred. Our memories are fickle things that are colored with a wishful thinking that can bear little resemblance to what actually existed. Nothing escapes change and our attempts to revisit old destinations rarely live up to our expectations. We change and our destinations change over time into something that can be unrecognizable when compared to what we remember about a place. It can be difficult when we realize that there is no such thing as a quintessential European city, or a typical American small town for that matter. But, that said, I enjoy Mr. Bryson's writing style and his own self- deprecating sense of humor. A very enjoyable read.