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Living On A Shoestring (Common Sense Ways to Save Money) - Anna Florin

Living On A Shoestring (Common Sense Ways to Save Money)

Author Anna Florin

  • Published: 2009-05-01
  • Category: Personal Finance
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In its paperback form, this book has only 60 pages. It's a short, precise look at how one can save money. It doesn't contain stuff like "how to make drinkware by cutting your empty wine bottles in half" or "reuse that empty milk carton for covering your young tender transplants", even though those are both ways to save money.
What we deal with in this book is basic common sense ways to live a frugal lifestyle. Living frugally is like dieting... only when you make it a chosen lifestyle will you see real results that work. By learning these steps early in life, your outlook on spending will narrow and you'll be able to easily save for that rainy day or for your retirement.
All of the ways I've listed have been tested in my own life and have given proven results. Although these ideas are very basic and very simple, they will guide you to a life of simplicity and calmness. You'll be able to retire long before others who just can't seem to stretch their savings enough to feel comfortable taking that big step.
Some people tell me that this book has nothing new in it... and that might be true. Learning how to live a frugal life is an easy, basic lesson in life and any book that promotes this idea should have all of these key points in it. (There is only so many ways one can teach this lesson.) What this book has that others don't... is simplicity. It is short and to the point. You can read it in an afternoon and come away with some good ideas that make sense. I hope you'll enjoy this gift of hope... and learn to live that frugal lifestyle.