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100 Days on a Bicycle - Daniel Herstedt

100 Days on a Bicycle

Author Daniel Herstedt

  • Published: 2011-07-25
  • Category: Travel & Adventure
4 Stars
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On top of his career Daniel Herstedt finds himself locked into the routines of everyday life. Instead of accepting his fate he gives up his job and the comfort of home, and sets out on a long-distance bicycle journey. As an all-out rookie he not only commits to the challenge, but seeks to accomplish the endeavour in exactly 100 days. The result is an action-packed adventure through remote villages, chaotic city traffic, along rivers and an open vast ocean in Vietnam, up sheer and rugged roads to 3000-meter mountaintops and downhill to valleys of lush, emerald-colored rice fields in China - over stunning scenery and bracing, foreign landscapes, which may cause you to contemplate your own unrivaled getaway.

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  • 100 days on thé bicycle

    From Tivi7
    Ce livre semble intéressant mais il faut avoir une version en français ! Pouvez vous m'indiquer où allez voir la liste des livres en français disponible Merci à l'avance !