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Plane Insanity - Elliott Hester

Plane Insanity

Author Elliott Hester

  • Published: 2010-04-01
  • Category: Essays & Memoirs


You're belted into a middle seat with burly businessmen on either side. It's 92 degrees in the cabin and someone forgot to use deodorant. A baby screams. A kid kicks the back of your seat. After two hours you haven't even left the taxiway. Welcome to modern airline travel! In Plane Insanity, Elliott Hester delivers stories that could only come from someone who "rides tin" for a living-a flight attendant. You'll hear about:
* the passenger from hell
* a smuggled python
* prostitutes working the lavatories
* a riot in coach-class
* a heist
* the anatomy of a carryon bag
* a malodorous couple
* the Mile-High Club
* and more!
Fasten your seatbelts. After Plane Insanity, you'll never think of air travel the same way again.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Amazing lol

    From dmzfofo
    i read the first three chapters in Chapters haha if i had the money id buy it but from my initial perspective its hilarious; makes you chuckle buy it!