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The World's Most Evil People - Rodney Castleden

The World's Most Evil People

Author Rodney Castleden

  • Published: 2011-01-13
  • Category: True Crime
3.5 Stars
From 95 Customers Review
Price: $2.99


They had a choice between good and evil. They chose evil without hesitation, doubt or remorse.
There are many evil people in the world. From evil tyrants who deliberately and systematically commit horrific crimes on a grand scale, killing, torturing, bombing and maiming to individuals who commit solitary acts of evil for which they will forever be condemned. Deranged and desperate, or calculating, cold-blooded and selfish, these people are the epitome of evil. Whether their crime was murder, deception or simply neglect, all those considered to be the most evil people in the world are described in detail in this book.

Part One: Ancient Evil
Part Two: Medieval Monarchs
Part Three : Wicked Women
Part Four : The Nazis
Part Five : Evil by Incompetence
Part Six : Modern Tyrants
Part Seven : Reigns of Terror Part Eight : Mass Murderers

Top Customer Reviews

  • Not bad

    From Steve10234
    Fun to read but hardly an agreed upon list with much editorializing
  • I good read

    From G Tors
    This is a very good book to get a very broad story on many of histories most famous people. However not all of the people in this book were really evil they were just leaders so thats why I gave it 4 stars
  • Buy it

    From Dustin Sandler
    Don't agree with all sections but the sections he has are great! What a steal!
  • Great Writing

    From mikium
    I read this while commuting on the train. Lots of interesting stories.
  • Fail

    From Xchn
    No section on the Japanese army
  • Best book for $1

    From MrNate3333
    I love the book, I can't stop reading.. My iPhone has died on me 3 nights in a row... It's very interesting and is pretty cool to read about the ancient evil people!