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Flim-Flam! - James Randi


Author James Randi

  • Published: 2010-12-01
  • Category: Science & Nature
4.5 Stars
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In this book, Randi explores and exposes what he believes to be the outrageous deception that has been promoted widely in the media. Unafraid to call researchers to account for their failures and impostures, Randi tells us that we have been badly served by scientists who have failed to follow the procedures required by their training and traditions. Here, he shows us how what he views as sloppy research has been followed by rationalisations of evident failures, and we see these errors and misrepresentations clearly pointed out. Mr. Randi provides us with a compelling and convincing document that will certainly startle and enlighten all who read it.

Top Customer Reviews

  • This is a re-issue

    From NCPokey
    I enjoyed reading this book, but it wasn't clear from the description that this was a re-issue of an older book by Randi. I hadn't heard of it before and assumed by the listed publishing date that this was a new title. Still, a very enjoyable read, especially since some of the cranks profiled seem almost quaint compared with some kooks out there today.