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Impress the World With Your Body In Seven Days: How to Live Your Healthiest Life Ever - Dr. David Madow

Impress the World With Your Body In Seven Days: How to Live Your Healthiest Life Ever

Author Dr. David Madow

  • Published: 2010-05-24
  • Category: Health & Fitness
4 Stars
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Seven Days is a daily guide to help readers achieve a fitness level they have always dreamed of, in only seven days. The book gives readers realistic steps to follow to make permanent lifestyle changes in seven days. The system can be implemented immediately, with no expensive equipment or diet foods. Dr. David Madow is a nationally renowned motivator and fitness speaker.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great read and a quick reminder of what's needed.

    From Abby mom 2012
    Loved this book. It's all common sense and easy to do. No tricks or gimmicks, just eat right and exercise. It makes it seem attainable and that's what most of us need. An attainable goal that I can fit into my hectic lifestyle. Thanks. Looking forward to feeling better and knowing I have a healthier future.
  • Thank you

    From Bluejeansrobbie
    Exactly! It's simple and effective. No need to pay for weight loss programs. This is the answer it is the truth.
  • Useless

    From kragop83
    First the author offers anecdotal advice, meaning that his advice is based on experiential knowledge that does not apply to the general population. Second, scientific sources of the information are not apparent. Essentially, his information is not verifiable. Third, his logical reasoning is flawed. Just because his plan worked for him doesn't mean it will translate well for others. Fourth, logical reasoning is circular and repetitive. Meaning that the entire logic presented in this book can be reduced into a page or two of the circular reasoning was removed. Fifth, the author tries to use his position of authority and expertise and education bring credibility however we have remember that he is not an expert in the field which he writes for. Is short, this book is not worth the effort. Its better if you get a gym membership to Planet Fitness and put in your 3 days a week and/or download lose it.
  • Impress the world with your body in seven days

    From salex13
    Good book, lots of good advise, even if you know most of them, read them often just to remind you that you have to take care of your body.
  • Good start

    From Shadyladymoon
    Great starter to any new healthy lifestyle change. Short and motivating.
  • Great Book, Life changing

    From Serge Michaud
    This book is simple to read and comprehend. At the same time it is life changing!
  • Excellent!!

    From Cat.B22
    Very motivating, thank you :)
  • Good for newbies

    From Dreanders
    Has good information for a starter base for those who don't know a lot about fitness or a healthy diet.
  • Awesome

    From Darlene girl
    Very inspiring
  • Thanksgiving

    From Jcots
    Makes sense