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Changing My Mind - Margaret Trudeau

Changing My Mind

Author Margaret Trudeau

  • Published: 2010-10-12
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Stars
From 79 Customers Review
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Canadians fell in love with Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s beautiful and high-spirited bride when he brought her to the world stage as the youngest First Lady in the history of the country.

But the situation wasn’t as rosy as it seemed. Plagued by mood swings and unprepared for public life, Margaret became increasingly isolated at 24 Sussex as her depression alternated with bouts of mania. As her behaviour became more puzzling—even to Margaret herself—she did her best to mother her three young sons and stand by her husband. Finally, she broke down soon after their marriage dissolved.

As time went by, Margaret achieved a fragile stability, remarrying and bearing two more children. But the tragic loss of her son Michel in a skiing accident and the passing of Pierre Trudeau a few years later were too much to bear, and Margaret became severely ill.

After years of struggle to find the right doctors and the right treatment, Margaret has rebuilt her life once again. At sixty-two, she is a vibrant, happy and healthy woman who is an inspiration to us all.

Also included in Changing My Mind are essays by three of Canada’s pre-eminent mental health professionals who explore some of the treatments available to patients today.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful, Hopeful, Real

    From Morning Paddle
    Margaret Trudeau is an inspiration. I could barely out her book down. She was honest, real, empathetic and down to earth. I would love to see her speak and meet her to have my book signed.
  • Great book

    From Annette, Saskatchewan
    This is a 5***** book, a must read for sure. Margaret is so real, truthful and her deep knowledge, honesty and personal experience living with bipolar disorder is very admirable. Many blessings to all.
  • Margaret trudeau

    From Rodpjm
    Ce livre lève le voile sur le comportement de cette femme qui semblait avoir eu tant de chance et semblait si instable et si 'frivole' dans son parcours. Maintenant, je comprends le pourquoi d'un tel parcours et ce livre a su démystifier cette horrible maladie qu'est la bipolarité. Je ne peux qu'admirer son courage et sa force d'avoir pu affronter ses démons. Longue vie à Margaret Trudeau!
  • Changing my mind

    From O'Mickey
    Opened me to a subject I did not know or wanted to know. I was like so many. Ignorant! I still am but have embarked on a journey of understanding.
  • Changing M'y Mindels

    From Fancy Francie
    Excellent! Thank you for sharing tour story, Margaret. You are a giver of Life to all peoples in society.
  • Changing my Mind

    From Mossmom
    Excellent reading -hated when I had to put it down. It was great to hear not only the background of 'news events' from over the years, but even more wonderful to have such a clear description of a struggle with mental illness and how it is possible to find balance and joy. The wonderful character of these children is a great testament of their dedicated parents. I am also glad the disgraceful question from reporter MD was outlined for what it was - we all shuddered when he was so heartless! Thank you for sharing your life and heart, and encouragement.