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Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition - Jodi A. Mindell

Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition

Author Jodi A. Mindell

  • Published: 2010-10-05
  • Category: Parenting


Right after "Is it a boy or a girl?" and "What's his/her name?," the next question people invariably ask new parents is "Are you getting any sleep?" Unfortunately, the answer is usually "Not much." In fact, studies show that approximately 25% of young children experience some type of sleep problem and, as any bleary-eyed parent will attest, it is one of the most difficult challenges of parenting.

Drawing on her ten years of experience in the assessment and treatment of common sleep problems in children, Dr. Jodi A. Mindell now provides tips and techniques, the answers to commonly asked questions, and case studies and quotes from parents who have successfully solved their children's sleep problems.

Unlike other books on the subject, Dr. Mindell also offers practical tips on bedtime, rather than middle-of-the-night-sleep training, and shows how all members of the family can cope with the stresses associated with teaching a child to sleep.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Better sleep

    From Sleeping Mom Canada
    This book helped so much. It provided guidance and various options to allow flexibility in the pace of sleep training. I am not a big fan of sleep training but this book gave me hope and provided me with an outline of what to expect. The first night was the hardest. Our 10 month old daughter cried for one hour and ten minutes, however, each night following has been great. Ten minutes on night 2 and on night 4 less than one minute! We are still working on the middle of the night waking but that even decreased to just one night waking and she is settling much faster than ever before! This really worked well for us.