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Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline: Quick Secrets to Loving Guidance - Michelle Smith

Toddler ABC Guide to Discipline: Quick Secrets to Loving Guidance

Author Michelle Smith

  • Published: 2010-06-17
  • Category: Parenting


Great balls of fire! Are you tired? Tired of yelling. Tired of being yelled AT. Tired of tantrums, hitting, kicking, whining, biting, refusing to sleep...When do they stop smacking siblings or running from us in the mall? When do WE get to start enjoying how cute and sweet they are? When do we get to SLEEP?! Honey, I hear you. Good news – this is your quick reference on loving discipline.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Concise Information

    From Nick beans 2013
    I found this book very rewarding to read. The format was straight to the point & written humorously without any infliction of reprimand. I previously studied & read parenting discipline books & courses that taught the same principles but never really understood it completely to implement the methods the way they should be carried out. After reading this book, I feel confident that I can now carry out the ABC method with certainty & ease. In addition to learning new techniques, I also felt rewarded that my parental methods of discipline really did not fall that far away from author's teachings. Additionally, some of the points mentioned in the book were concepts already being used by my husband & I. Therefore, the chances of adopting the methods described in this book are opportune for my family. Overall I appreciated the concise nature of the book & the author's humorous anecdotes. There was little jargon utilized making the concepts easy to comprehnd.