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The Dark Tower VII - Stephen King

The Dark Tower VII

Author Stephen King

  • Published: 2004-09-21
  • Category: Fantasy
4.5 Stars
From 57 Customers Review
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Now a major motion picture starring Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba

Creating "true narrative magic" (The Washington Post) at every revelatory turn, Stephen King surpasses all expectation in the stunning final volume of his seven-part epic masterwork. Entwining stories and worlds from a vast and complex canvas, here is the conclusion readers have long awaited—breathtakingly imaginative, boldly visionary, and wholly entertaining.

Roland Deschain and his ka-tet have journeyed together and apart, scattered far and wide across multilayered worlds of wheres and whens. The destinies of Roland, Susannah, Jake, Father Callahan, Oy, and Eddie are bound in the Dark Tower itself, which now pulls them ever closer to their own endings and beginnings...and into a maelstrom of emotion, violence, and discovery.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Dark Tower Journey

    From Sadie#1
    I have read, almost, every book written by Stephen King. The reason I have, is because he has the amazing ability to write in a way, that allows me to live the story he tells, as I read it. His descriptions are so bold, I can SEE what I am reading. I can vividly see where it is he is taking me. I appreciate his storytelling and always look forward to another. Thank you so much Mr. King for allowing me to be lost in mid world and all the other worlds you have written of. It is always a fulfilling journey! S.H..
  • Js

    From Jodi Somerville
    Best series of novels I have read. them all twice