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Manual For Living: Reality - TIME - Seth David Chernoff

Manual For Living: Reality - TIME

Author Seth David Chernoff

  • Published: 2010-06-25
  • Category: Spirituality
4 Stars
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A genuine user's guide to the meaning of life, the award-winning Manual For Living: Reality will change the way you see the world. Its straightforward guidance and practical wisdom will help you remain true to your path and purpose in life. Find True Fulfillment and Lasting Happiness, Overcome Your Fear Of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect with Your Inner Truth, and Discover Your True Purpose.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great.

    From Someguy - w2demo
    Book helped me realize that pain and suffering, when experienced unconsciously, helps us grow. Once hurt appears into consciousness, it is a sign to move on. Especially when you know that the source has betrayed you.
  • Manual for living.! You can't lost your way by following this BOOK.!

    From Dappa - Jay - Jordan
    The Manual that help picture a clear picture of your future. REALITY wise & the thought of the true person you are for living, Yes I was searching for a book of guidance & this what i found AMAZING SAME & EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!!