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Weights and Measures Study Guide - MobileReference

Weights and Measures Study Guide

Author MobileReference

  • Published: 2010-12-20
  • Category: Reference
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Table of Contents
Conversion of units:
Length:  Conversion
Area: 2-D Formulae | 3-D Formulae | Conversion
Volume: Formulae | Conversion
Angle:  Conversion
Mass:  Conversion
Time:  Conversion
Speed: Conversion
Acceleration: Conversion
Force:  Conversion
Pressure or mechanical stress:  Conversion
Energy, work, or heat: Conversion
Power: Conversion
Angular momentum: Conversion
Electricity: Current | Charge | Resistance | Voltage | Formulae | Conversion
Viscosity: Conversion
Information entropy: Conversion
Temperature: Conversion
Approximate conversion of units
History: Systems of measurement | History of measurement
Metric system (SI): Definition | SI writing style | Powers of 10 prefixes
Other Systems: English system | Imperial unit | United States customary units | Comparison of the Imperial and U.S. customary systems

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  • Weights and Measures

    From kissmek8
    Good concept but so many obvious mistakes and conflicting data on every page that its useless as a reference.