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Free to Die - Bob McElwain

Free to Die

Author Bob McElwain

  • Published: 2009-12-06
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Stars
From 363 Customers Review
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Brad Ashton fled three years ago to avoid a conviction for murder. Now he's back. And his hope for freedom appears to be within reach.

Unfortunately there are those who have no interest in his legal status; they only want him dead or on the run once more.

But for Brad, running is no longer an option. It's a table stakes game in which the risks are high. But he puts everything he has, including his life, on the table, then settles in, determined to win every hand.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Good!

    From Mind Review
    I didn't read it at all.
  • Super

    From willsmomanddad
    I was shocked by this book! I had not read any of his previous books, so I was sceptical. This book had more twists and turns than a backroad!
  • Free to die

    From Monamamu
    A good fast paced novel. Not many cliches which was good.
  • Great

    From Really Great read
    A truly great read. You will enjoy it!
  • Horrible

    From SlayerRSM
    This is terrific
  • Very Surprising

    From AJRenton
    I wasn't expecting much of this book, but it was one of the best I've ever read. Great plot, great twists, and kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend it.
  • Grateful to have read

    From Yourbiggestfan!!!
    The plot of the story was very well put together and very creative. Kept me on edge for the whole time I read it. The structure of the sentences were put together amazingly. You can the author put a lot of work into this book. I highly recommend this boon.
  • Free to die

    A very exciting read. Well written.
  • Not bad

    From Darla4362
    Not very original but not bad
  • Free to die

    From Ken Cormier
    A very good read.