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The Art of Seduction - Robert Greene & Joost Elffers

The Art of Seduction

Author Robert Greene & Joost Elffers

  • Published: 2001-10-01
  • Category: Family & Relationships
4 Stars
From 13 Customers Review
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From the creators of the phenomenal bestseller The 48 Laws of Power, a mesmerizing handbook on seduction: the most subtle and effective form of power
When raised to the level of art, seduction, an indirect and subtle form of power, has toppled empires, won elections and enslaved great minds. Discover who you, or your pursuer, most resembles.
Immerse yourself in the twenty-four maneuvers and strategies of the seductive process, the ritual by which a seducer gains mastery over his target. Understand how to "Choose the Right Victim," "Appear to Be an Object of Desire," and "Confuse Desire and Reality." Every bit as essential as The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction is an indispensable primer of persuasion that reveals one of history's greatest weapons and the ultimate form of power.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Five star

    From Raggspot
    This book put me back into the place I once was , taught me new and renewed old techniques , this is easily the holy grail of becoming a seduction specialist for either male or female, whether you are getting out of a long relationship and need to get back at it or discovered a new self by losing weight or even have low self confidence in other aspects of life , this book will teach you it’s not all about good looks but how you portray yourself to the opposite sex , highly recommend
  • A must read if you care to understand social relatioships and human nature.

    From Gata in Montreal
    I wish I had read Robert Green earlier, he is an amazing writer The Art of Seduction is the funniest book ever not only that but I am seeing the whole world differently now. His lessons has given me know how about relationships, people and confidence on how to do business, and how to get people to do what I want without having to ask. But you have to enjoy reading, he is complex but pure lessons on sophistication. I want to read all of Robert Greene's books, he is just wonderful, powerful guidance. If you want to become a better boyfriend or girlfriend or if you just want to understand people, read the art of seduction, it is also a blast, he has a refreshing witty sense of humour!