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Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told - Julie Sype

Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told

Author Julie Sype

  • Published: 2018-06-12
  • Category: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
5 Stars
From 75 Customers Review
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A Fairytale Re-formed

When our princess is captured by a witch and held captive in a tower far from her comforts and kingdom, naturally a prince is sent to save her.


The princess has just interrupted this blurb to let us know that…

“She’s not looking for a rescue - but a freedom!”

So, throw off your ideas of predictable romance and classical endings, and follow a little princess on her courageous adventure of curiosity, acceptance and bliss.

This book reminds us that when imagery and lore become ubiquitous they present the danger to inoculate.

An inclusive, refreshing journey to the heart of innocent desire. The pure, unabashed, irrevocable force of love.

Top Customer Reviews

  • This is incredible

    From Natdod
    I couldn’t love this book more if I tried!
  • Precious.

    From Joslyn Vesta
    (And funny too!)
  • Absolutely charming!

    From Stanislovsky
    What a perfect story, illustrated in such an engaging and quirky way. And so timely, with Pride week upon us. This book should sit on every child’s shelf. Thank you for creating and sharing it with the world.
  • Fabulous

    From Dupester77
    What an amazing book, breaking with usual tradition. A fairy tail for today!
  • A beautiful, beautiful book <3

    From LittleJuliaPrincess
    I love this book and I’m going to be sharing it w all my neices and nephews…and their parents…and anyone really.
  • Absolutely Amazing!!

    From Totototoyotototototo
    This book is wonderful!And I love the drawings! This would be a perfect audio book! Keep it up!!
  • Love it!

    From amkytoca
    Great book. Great message. Completely charming.
  • Beautiful & Fun

    From Aunds
    An incredible and fun story for the young and young at heart. A wonderful read and illustrated perfectly, this is a must download for all.
  • Absolutely beautiful

    From The Doomer
    Thanks for this wonderful story. Can't wait for the world to read it

    From waphoto296
    This book is long over due! I absolutely loved the book and the illustrations are incredible(they brought back paper bag princess memories). This book was so well written and you can tell it has passion behind it. With today’s ever changing world our kids need to feel like they have a voice and they are accepted. This book brings to light that there is no norm anymore, that the beauty of the world today is the diversity. I think Julie Sype did an amazing job of putting it to paper and giving kids who might feel a little different solid ground to stand on.