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HERO Force Box Set: Books Four - Six - Amy Gamet

HERO Force Box Set: Books Four - Six

Author Amy Gamet

  • Published: 2018-05-18
  • Category: Military


Strong women and the dedicated former SEALs who defend them. Gripping action and spicy romance meet heroism and intrigue.

Married to the SEAL

He was supposed to pretend to love her.
To protect her. To keep her son safe.

He failed at all three.

Matteo goes undercover, pretending to be married to a dignitary's daughter, never expecting the charade to get personal. But it does, just as HERO Force finds the link between the woman and their strongest enemy to-date.

Justice for the SEAL

Logan O'Malley has an affair with an older woman, only to learn she's the judge assigned to the case that could end HERO Force forever. Worse yet, an old villain has come back looking for his own brand of justice, and the judge is about to be caught in the crossfire.

Targeted by the SEAL

HERO Force is on a mission to save senator’s daughter Cassidy Lane from a cult when a skydiving accident leaves Navy SEAL Austin Dixon to complete the mission alone. Trouble is, Austin has a history with Cassidy—and she definitely doesn’t want any saving. 

Cassidy is an investigative journalist who infiltrated the cult after another reporter disappeared there on assignment. Together they must learn to trust the broken bridge that joins them as they weave their way deeper into The Community and find out the truth about Cassidy’s missing friend, Julianne. But when they’re exposed, will they be able to untangle themselves from the cult’s grasp and make it to safety?

Top Customer Reviews

  • This series just keeps getting better and better

    From Kristen Lewendon
    Married to the SEAL This series just keeps getting better and better. I couldn't put it down, had to read it straight through in one sitting. The story hooked me and wouldn't let go. There's lots of fast-paced action and intrigue and the romantic tension between the hero and heroine was compelling. We haven't had the opportunity to see very much of Matteo in the previous books in the series so I really enjoyed getting to see him on his own here. To learn that he was raised by a strong, single mother and just how deeply he honors the promises he's made. I think Grace is just an awesome character and a good partner for Red. She's intelligent, strong and passionate in her beliefs but life has hurt her and left her vulnerable in ways that Matteo's well suited to help her heal. The set-up for the next book at the closing of this one has me counting down the hours until it's release. Justice for the SEAL Logan has been one of my favorite HEROs from the very beginning and I'm so glad to finally get to read his story. I am completely in love with this series. I'm not sure how it happens, but the stories just keep getting better with each book. This story hooked me and wouldn't let go and that meant I had to read it in a single sitting. This was a fairly quick, easy read but there's a lot of story packed between the covers. Lust, intrigue, love, a whole bunch of secrets and lies, and let's not forget the explosions and gunfights; this book has it all. Gemma's probably one of my favorite heroine's in the series, along with Logan's sister Charlotte. I adore the fact that she's a "woman of a certain age". Being in a similar age bracket, it's really nice to read a female lead that I can relate to. And I can most definitely relate to her fears and insecurities. I loved watching Logan take charge and step out from behind his keyboard. The way he completely worships Gemma has put him at the top of my best book-boyfriends list. Swoon! I can't wait to meet the next women capable of taming a member of HERO Force. Targeted by the SEAL Second-chance romance mixed with a military hero. Well that's pretty much checked all the boxes for my perfect story line. Ten years ago Austin and Cassidy were forced apart by some meddling parents and a bunch of insecurities. Now Austin has to break her out of the secured compound of a man with a messiah complex, a desire to rule the world, too much time on his hands, and a whole lot of explosives and ammunition. The chemistry between this pair is the kind that's lasted ten years and came back stronger than ever. I loved that even though it goes against all of his training and instincts, Austin values life, and Cassidy's instincts, enough to listen to her opinion and alter the rescue plans. I'm a little less impressed with Cassidy, but I think that's mostly because I couldn't be the bigger person the way she does and maintain the relationship with her most meddlesome parent. I fully support Austin's original position on that particular individual and would have happily eliminated that one from my life. There's lots of intrigue, drama, and action in this book. And let's not forget a couple of daring rescues to keep the adrenaline pumping. I can't wait to meet the other women capable of taming a HERO Force member. I received a complimentary copy of this book.