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iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift - Matt Neuburg

iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

Author Matt Neuburg

  • Published: 2017-09-26
  • Category: Programming


Move into iOS development by getting a firm grasp of its fundamentals, including the Xcode 9 IDE, Cocoa Touch, and the latest version of Apple’s acclaimed programming language, Swift 4. With this thoroughly updated guide, you’ll learn the Swift language, understand Apple’s Xcode development tools, and discover the Cocoa framework.
Explore Swift’s object-oriented conceptsBecome familiar with built-in Swift typesDive deep into Swift objects, protocols, and genericsTour the lifecycle of an Xcode projectLearn how nibs are loadedUnderstand Cocoa’s event-driven designCommunicate with C and Objective-C
In this edition, catch up on the latest iOS programming features. Multiline strings and improved dictionariesObject serializationKey paths and key–value observingExpanded git integrationCode refactoringAnd more!