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Delta Rogue, SEAL Team Phantom Series 3 - Elle Boon

Delta Rogue, SEAL Team Phantom Series 3

Author Elle Boon

  • Published: 2016-10-04
  • Category: Action & Adventure



Hailey joined the Navy as a way to finally have a place to belong. Being a California girl, she always loved the water and saving lives. As a teenager she’d been swimming in the ocean when she’d nearly drowned and had been saved by a Navy SEAL. It was then she’d decided that was what she’d become. Twenty years later, she was seriously reconsidering her life choices. She was supposed to save lives, not be the target of hitmen, and have the men she looked at as her brothers, nearly die on her watch. Especially one man in particular, who she feels much more than sisterly feelings for.

Maddox was playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. He was used to it in his line of work. Never had an assignment made him wish for things he shouldn’t. His job was to protect the citizens of the United States from terrorism, and sometimes the means didn’t always sit well with him. However, the ends always outweighed his own needs. Only this time, he wasn’t so sure. His missions never had him facing a woman who made his heart beat with just a smile of her pretty bow shaped lips.

When threats force Maddox to place Hailey under his care twenty four hours a day, will he be able to keep things professional? Or will being in close quarters with the one woman who threatens his sanity, make this Rogue SEAL claim her for his own. Will Hailey still want Maddox when she finds out he’s not the SEAL of her dreams?