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America's First Civilization - Michael D. Coe

America's First Civilization

Author Michael D. Coe

  • Published: 2017-02-08
  • Category: Americas


Here is the story of America's oldest - and oddest - civilization, the Olmecs of the southern Mexican jungles. Virtually unknown to archaeologists until the early twentieth century, their true importance is only now being realized and shedding new light on how the Indian peoples of the Americas came to be here.

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  • America’s First Civilization

    From gafrad49
    The publishers here would have you believe that this is a new book, published Feb 8, 2017. That implies it is full of new information. The sad truth is that Coe’s book was first published in 1968. This book is 50 years old. Given the time it took him to research and write it, Coe’s informatiaon is more like 60 years antiquated. This is the kind of book you should get for free at the library, read it if you want, and leave it for someone else.