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Ruthless - Gina L. Maxwell


Author Gina L. Maxwell

  • Published: 2017-01-30
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 7 Customers Review
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People call me Ruthless for a reason.

Whether in the court room or the bedroom, my reputation is well-earned. I’m either working hard, working out, or working my way into some woman's panties. Problem is, none of them share my particular kink, and I end up walking away unsatisfied.

Until I meet her.

She’s a friend of a friend, which makes her off-limits until temptation takes me by the balls and I’m taking her up against a wall. She literally f*cks my world off its axis, but I can’t let it happen again.

My plan of avoiding her got blown to s**t when my firm hired her as a new junior attorney. Now I’m her boss, and I have to act like I don’t want to bend her over my desk every five minutes.

But I’ve never held myself back from anything before, so consequences be damned. It’s time to take what we both want and show her just how damn good be ruthless.

Each book in the Playboys in Love series is STANDALONE:
* Shameless
* Ruthless

Top Customer Reviews


    From NaughtyBookBlog
    Oh sweet baby Jesus, this book! I devoured it in a matter of hours. It was my first book by this author, but it definitely won't be my last. When I first started it, I was a little unsure if I was going to be able to get into it. I sort of felt like the premise was one that was overdone and I was sort of bored with it. Another forbidden office romance. Yawn. And his "I don't sleep with friends of friends" rule. Lame. So not forbidden in my book. Then, like divine intervention, the clouds parted and light shone down from the heavens and all my senses perked up. Ménage you say? YES PLEASE! Please forgive me for doubting, you have my full attention now. It even gets better! Roman is a sexy lawyer by day, with a badass stripper alter ego by night with tattoos and a piercing I had to Google to find out exactly what it was. HELL YES. Then Addison, God bless her fiery spirit, put Roman in his place, called him on his seriously weak excuses and things got seriously HAWT. I did find the plot line and Roman's character a little bit predictable, but in the end I didn’t care because it was exactly what I wanted from the story. Even when you see the train wreck about to happen, you still can't look away, right? I thoroughly enjoyed watching Addision teach Roman a thing or two, put him in his place and bring him to his knees. Atta girl!