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Pixelmator for iOS - Pixelmator Team

Pixelmator for iOS

Author Pixelmator Team

  • Published: 2015-09-25
  • Category: Reference


The Pixelmator for iOS User Guide has everything you need to know about image editing on the go, all in a handy digital format. You will learn and discover all the amazing things you can do with your images and, more importantly, how to do them. The Pixelmator for iOS User Guide is always current since it is updated with every minor or major release of Pixelmator. 

This guide provides:
- A quick get started tour.
- A detailed guide diving into each feature.
- References for more help and resources.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Pixelmator User Manual review

    From WhydoI need a nickname
    First, wish I had known the manual existed when I bought Pixelmator app for iPad pro. Would have saved me loads of time and frustration I was given the link to the manual by asking a question directly to pixelmator help desk. I went through the manual fast to get a flavor of it content and to be able to feel what I needed to know to develop my project Now I have that flavor I can identify the section and then go learn exactly what I need to do to complete my specific task. I am learning as I go. The manual was arranged logically and easy to follow. Some of the screen shots were difficult to see on an ipad. The technical terminology was difficult for a non trained user to grasp easily. Perhaps a basic terminology definition is needed. I had to research a few terms to understand the base meaning. I am sure when I start getting above a basic user level I will be referring to the manual frequently. I might even print it out so I can make notes as I go One thing I am impressed with it is far easier to understand than the adobe software packages Where are the pixelmator tutorials linked to in the manual?